Heart Beet Juice


30 oz. jar of Heart Beet Juice made from cucumbers, apples, beets, limes, and ginger. Please read additional information below.
IMPORTANT NOTES:  Packaged in glass jar. Keep Refrigerated. Shake before you drink. Must use within 3 days.
PURCHASE & AVAILABILITY NOTES: Currently, all of our juices are for “in-store purchase only.” Please call us at 731-613-0401 with any questions you may have about available quantities, etc.

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  • remember, our juice is unpasteurized, cold pressed, raw…  and you need to shake the jar before you drink, must use within 3 days, must be refrigerated
  • Nutritional tid-bits… anti-Inflammatory and aids in detoxing; great for the eyes, cleansing and helps prevent kidney stones; contains Folate, Magnesium, Potassium, and Vitamin C

Additional information

Weight 30 oz