Who We Are

Jennifer Stasel

Hello juice fans!!! My name is Jennifer Stasel. I am the proprietor of Quench Juice LLC.

Please allow me to share a little about my journey into the world of juicing. I am a juice fanatic in that I have seen and enjoyed the benefits of juicing over the past few years! I have a little boy who was very sick and unable to be diagnosed. After many trips to many doctors, the last of which looked at me and told me that she just didn’t know what was wrong, I turned to the Lord. He pointed me in the direction of juicing and I watched as my lifeless little boy became a vibrant and rambunctious child.

That’s the very short version but that’s how it all started for me and now I so implore you to begin your own juicing journey in order to feel the way we are supposed to feel!! We are here to THRIVE not just survive! Come see us at Quench juice and let’s share stories and a taste of juice!